Anglican Fourth Day (A4D)

Anglican 4th DayThe Anglican 4th Day is part of a worldwide movement of the Christian church, which seeks to bring individuals to Christ through Christian communities in action.
A4D proposes no new type of spirituality, but simply a method by which one’s own spirituality can develop and grow and be shared.
Anglican 4th Day works to form groups of men and women who are Christian leaders and who will provide backbone for Christian life in the world. The Anglican 4th Day is designed to make it possible to live in what is fundamental to be a Christian – to live in union with Christ and to share Christ with others.
A three-day weekend retreat, designed to provide a living experience – meeting Christ and meeting fellow Christians and sharing Christ with them. The weekend starts on a Thursday evening and ends on the following Sunday. During these three days, attendees live and work together, listening to and discussing talks given by the clergy and laity. The teachings of Christ are discussed in a climate of joy, interspersed with prayer, Eucharist, songs, recreation, laughter and moments of reflection and silence. It is a joyous workshop in the fundamentals of our Christian faith.

2017 A4D weekends:


  • September 28-October 1, 2017
  • Cost: $150, suggested to be paid by sponsors


  • September 21-24, 2017
  • Cost $150, suggested to be paid by sponsors

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