Children’s Ministry

Sunday School Kids 2 A


We Have a Nursery Person/HOORAY! PTL!

Regina is back! She was our nursery lead from 2007 to 2010. She is excellent with little ones. Parents and little ones soon come to adore her. Please stop by the nursery to welcome Regina and offer your support. We have been looking for just the right person and Regina more than fits that bill.


We are still working out specifics about her hours. Fr. Mike is determining if she will provide childcare only or if she will follow a Christian curriculum starting in the Fall.

Please be patient as these things are worked out. But now you can invite your friends and neighbors with small children to St. Charles knowing there will be someone in the nursery every Sunday.


SUNDAY SCHOOL – Available at 10:30 Service

We Invite All Children to Participate in Our Informal Classroom Education about the Lord Combined with Music, Crafts, Games and Drama

  • We are striving to reach the children in our community with the gospel. We help each child feel included, loved, and accepted by our church.
  • Children are exposed to the teaching of God’s Word. They learn the foundational truths of the Bible as they develop attitudes and habits of life that will help them live vibrant, victorious Christian lives.
  • Our ministry to children is oriented to producing participation and involvement not spectators . . . to affirm and encourage each child’s Christian development
  • We strive to engender a sense of divine purpose in the lives of children and we help children to begin to hear and respond to the call of God
  • We encourage them to discover worship through their words, music, giving, and lifestyle. Music and crafts enhance their Christian growth.
  • As they learn to pray effectively, they are provided opportunities to worship together with other children, their parents and the rest of the church.


Sunday school has begun a fantastic year and we need you!
We are looking for two more teachers for one Sunday a month and 4-6 assistants to help once a month.

If you are interested in sharing the love of Jesus, please let the church administrator or any vestry member know.  Thank you!