Serve our Community


Help us serve Poulsbo (our Jerusalem), Kitsap County (our Judea), and the Greater Seattle Area (our Samaria)!



Instead of discarding surplus clothing and household linens, give them a second life. St. Charles is hosting an easy and profitable clothing drive allows these items to be reworn, recycled or repurposed for the good of your cause and our planet.

Do you have unwanted clothes hanging around? Maybe you have stuffed animals that haven’t been played with in awhile? Perhaps there are linens and clothes that are stained or unsuitable for wearing? Please, bring them to St Charles. Let us help you clear up space, declutter, and keep clothes from filling the landfills.

We will be using the charity Clothes for the Cause to help facilitate this. They accept clean clothes, stuffed animals, bed linens, and towels. Concerned that they are stained or torn? No worries! Usable clothes will be donated to charity; torn or stained will be repurposed or recycled. Bring your items to church on Sunday, in garbage bag labeled with St. Charles on them. Our last day for donation is tentatively set for August 27th. If there are any questions, please contact Alexandra Davis at 360-5 three 6-2 eight 4 one. Thank you!

Not sure what we can and cannot take? Here is a quick guide to help you out!

ALL Clothes – New and Gently Used

Shoes – paired only

Towels, Gloves & Hats, Sheets, Blankets, Quilts, Bedspreads, Drapes, Purses & Belts

Stuffed Animals.

clothing Drive

All items need to be kept dry, so please put them in a plastic bag that is tied tightly.



Donations Needed

Donations of nonperishable foods for North Kitsap Fishline are always welcome. Please DO NOT donate outdated foods and products. Cash donation are always appreciated. Make you check out to St. Charles with NK Fishline in the memo line.

There is a bin in the coffee hour area for you to drop your items.

Thank you.



Year Round Collection for Operation Christmas Child

We have started monthly collections of items to pack in shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. This is a great way for St. Charles to become more outwardly missional and a fabulous means for us to invite family and friends to participate all year long.

Not all of the details have been worked out but the thought is that each month a suggestion of what to donate will be made and a bin will be available in the coffee hour area for your donations. Two or three events will be planned for spring and summer that will provide an avenue for us to invite participation from friends, family and the community in this worthwhile ministry. Everybody likes and wants to bring joy to a child in need.

I will post a suggested donation item at the beginning of each month to help guide us along the way. More importantly, there are items that are not to be included: used or damaged items; war-related items such as toy guns, knives or military figures; seeds; edibles (no candy), liquids, lotions, toothpaste; medications or vitamins; breakable items such as snowglobes or glass containers; or aerosol cans. You also might want to consider whether or not to send battery operated items. The child receiving the item may not be able to obtain additional batteries. If you do send a battery operated items, please include additional batteries.

If you have questions, please contact Joan in the office at 7 seven 9-3 five 2 four or admin(at)stcharlesanglican(dot)com.

Volunteer Opportunity

Hello Brothers & Sisters,

I volunteer for the Kingston Severe Weather Shelter which has been pretty active this winter with our extra cold weather of late. I have been noticing that, while Kingston is usually staffed, the shelter at Gateway is having trouble with staffing to get it up and running. I thought I would run it past the people of St. Charles (as you are closer to that shelter generally- there is one in Bremerton and one in Silverdale as well) in hopes that Poulsbo could find better staffing to provide a safe place for unsheltered people during our really bad weather.

I think that people with families would find shelter volunteering really hard, but older folks, and people with grown children, as well as singles may find it a good fit. The shifts are an evening shift (5-10?) a night shift (10-3?) and an early morning (3-7?) or so. Typically the night shift is quiet though there is a rare occasion when someone decides to leave early, and the concern that can cause….

Anyone interested can contact the people below; training can start on the job with another volunteer (we are always in twos minimum) and then more planned training will follow.

Jason McMillan @ jmcmillan(at)co(dot)kitsap(dot)wa(dot)us

Michele Moen @ mmoen(at)co(dot)kitsap(dot)wa(dot)us

Peace of the Lord,

Rebecca Ifland