Serve the World

Global Mission Support

St Charles Anglican Church supports the ministries of several missionary groups.


You can view the missionaries we support on our missions bulletin board in the fellowship area!

This ongoing support is to assist in the fulfillment of God’s great commission:

And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.  Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”
        Matthew 28:16-20

Missions Designated Funds At Work

Your donations to the Missions Designated Fund via Shoes of the Fisherman help make ministry like this possible. Thank you.

Every day, there is so much happening, it’s hard to summarize it all into a list like this.  These are definitely some of the big ticket items, though. And though we have accomplished many things which we look back on with gratitude, there are still many, many needs. For instance, the rent is due quarterly, and it’s not covered by our child sponsorships. Every time it comes due, it’s on a prayer. I am honored and humbled to serve alongside some of the strongest prayer warriors I know. I am in contact several times daily with our communication director in Uganda and I am very close with the team we’re building.  It’s so exciting seeing God work first hand.  We couldn’t do any of it without generous donors taking an interest and being part of God’s provision for His kids, though.

Here’s just a short little glimpse:

  • we went from mattresses on a tile floor, to every child in their own bunk bed
  • every child is enrolled and attending local public school (we have kids ages 5-15)
  • by January 2016, Children of the Father’s House became a bona fide Non-Governmental Organization in Uganda
  • we have been able to grow from helping 12 children to accommodating 20 children while maintaining beds for everyone and full enrollment
  • we have all but 1 child sponsored on monthly basis which pays for school and caregivers in our home
  • all of our sponsors have received video introductions to their children and several have held live video conversations with their sponsored child.  (these connections are priceless!)
  • two of our sponsors have traveled now to visit their sponsored children in person
  • every child is protected by a mosquito net (very important because of rampant malaria)
  • despite the mosquito nets, we’ve provided lifesaving treatment of both malaria and typhoid for no less than 10 cases in our kids and 4 in our adult caregivers (these are not planned expenses, but giving has enabled us to make it happen)
  • we went from having not a stick of furniture to sit on, to having a full living room with 4 love seats and a dining room with a long table and bench seating enough for all the kids (we look like a real home now!)
  • we tattooed bible verses on the walls of every room in the house!
  • we were able to bring each director a used laptop and have an up to date version of Windows installed  so that our team can collaborate on business documents
  • we procured the first ever refrigerator any of our directors or kids have ever owned.
  • we purchased new shoes, backpacks, underwear and clothing for every child last month
  • we raised enough support so that every one of our kids were able to afford the class field trip and we’re segregated out because they were “poor orphans”.
  • we now have an armed security guard 12 hours a day who lives on premises to protect our kids (because of all we’ve accomplished we’ve had break-in attempts and one of our directors was attacked)
  • we have contracted for administrative support to have profiles and birth certificates made for every child.  Process of NGO renewal and licensure is ongoing currently.
  • we are working on a plan to bring key leadership to the US for collegiate level studies and grooming up the next wave of leaders for our future.

St. Charles was part of the first wave of support that enabled the bed and furniture initiatives we undertook last November: Truly, providing shelter and comfort to the “least of these”. You guys were instrumental in that first trip, even before we were a legal entity. Your faith in me as an individual further humbled my heart. I’m so thankful for the heart of generosity that you’ve trusted me to steward. In that spirit of stewardship, as we continue down the path to legal and financial security, and growth, we look forward to partnering with churches businesses and individuals to help create a sustainable model of eventual land/home ownership and possibly our own school where we support the tuition of our children by providing education to the surrounding community at a modest cost. It would be great to beat the system of rent and tuition by serving the broader community and therefore sustaining the kids under our care. God has big plans for Children of the Father’s House. It’s so good to be in the middle as he brings all things together for the good of those he loves. I’m just content to rest in His providence while He reveals the plans He has for us.

Thanks so much and looking forward to a plan for connecting with St. Charles soon!