Small Groups

There are  two types of small groups at St. Charles: Bible Studies and Home Groups. Bible Studies are generally led by clergy or a competent lay leader and they most often dwell on specific areas of the Holy Scriptures for focused study. These groups enjoy fellowship, discipleship and worship. They may meet in private homes or at church or even other local venues.

The Home Groups are usually made up of a host family and, usually, six to twelve others. There is fellowship and often meals, a Biblical study (that may use DVD resources), sharing and prayer time. These groups may volunteer for ad hoc ministries that from time to time arise. Both types of small groups are encouraged to practice evangelism in their environments and this may become an accountable action during the sharing portion of the meetings.

There are existing small groups and Bible studies throughout the week. The most exciting experience is to visit small groups with the intention of starting a new one. If a successful group grows too large for one home, the natural procedure would be to split into two smaller groups and then recruit more participants.

Anyone interested in visiting or joining a small group or Bible study may contact the parish administrator, small group leaders, or any vestry member.